Category: Pool Features FAQ

Category Pool Features FAQ

We give our miners a lot more detailed information about how exactly our pools are mining on the block chain than the average pool. This can be little confusing if you are just starting out in Cryptocurrency mining. Here you can find simple explanations of all our pools features and what they mean to you.

round share percentage

What is my Round Share?

This is probably one of those important statistics on your miner stats page as it represents how much of the block reward you will earn when the pool finds the next block. 
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miner stats help map

Everything you need to know about your miners stats page

The miner stats page contains a lot of figures and percentages that are frequently changing we know this can be a bit overwhelming when you first open it and you don't know what you are looking at. That is why we have created this easy to read feature map so that you can get to grips with the most important statistics... your miners stats and earnings!
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Jackpot eligibility example

What is the Jackpot eligibility check? and why does it seem to be wrong or broken?

The Jackpot eligibility page allows miners to check if their wallet was entered into the daily Jackpot ticket selection. This page is generated for your unique wallet address after the daily ticket selection process at 00:00CET/23:00 UTC/18:00EST and was designed to let you know if your miner was eligible for and included in the previous 24 hour period.
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