How to use Hive OS with MaxHash Ethereum Pool (Ethminer)

How to use Hive OS with MaxHash Ethereum Pool (Ethminer)

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Create a new wallet or edit your existing one.

Hive OS Ethminer Wallet MaxHash

  1. Name – This is just for your reference and ease of use. Give it a name that is clear and easy to identify.
  2. Ethereum Logo %EWAL% – Enter your Ethereum wallet address here.
  3. Zcash Logo %ZWAL% – Leave blank (this is for when you are mining Zcash algorithm coins).
  4. Decred Log %DWAL% – Leave bank unless you are dual mining.
  5. Email for pool %EMAIL% – Leave blank. MaxHash does not require your email address.
  6. Select “ETH miner” – Choose (OpenCL) for AMD video cards or (CUDA) for Nvidia video cards
  7. Wallet and worker template – Copy and paste “%EWAL%.%WOKER_NAME%” (without quotations)
  8. Port – Choose the appropriate port for the hashing rate of your rig. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST OF PORTS
  9. Pool server – Choose your closest server with lowest latency from the list below and paste into this field. We have 3 servers to choose from EU, US and Asia. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST OF SERVERS
  10. Extra arguments for miner – Copy and paste “–farm-recheck 200” (without quotations)


HiveOS Ethminer Rig MaxHash

  1. Name – Give your miner/rig a worker name. This is the name that will appear on your miners stats page on the pool. *This is must be 8 characters or less!
  2. Miner –  Select ETH Miner from the drop-down list
  3. Wallet – Select the wallet that you have just created using the early steps.