What is my Round Share?

What is my Round Share?

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This is probably one of those important statistics on your miner stats page as it represents how much of the block reward you will earn when the pool finds the next block.

round share percentage

 What is Round Share?

Before you can understand Round Share you must first understand the meaning of Round. A round is defined as the period of time between 2 blocks found by the pool. A new round is started every time a block is found by the pool and continues until the next block is found, each round is completely uninfluenced by the previous one.

Your Round share is the amount of work (shares) you have contributed to the pool, in proportion to all other miners on the pool displayed as a percentage. So using the above example this miner has contributed 0.33181% to ALL of the work done by the pool in this current round and therefore is entitled to 0.33181% of the block reward of the coin that is being mined. This is called the PROP (proportional) payout system which is used on all MaxHash pools.

Your exact round share percentage AT THE TIME of a block being found is used to judge your contribution and therefore your earnings.

How is Round Share calculated?

Imagine yourself and your buddies standing by a huge cauldron of water filled up to a level with liquid. Your goal is for that liquid to spill over. What do you do? One of your friends realizes that you can chuck rocks into the cauldron to displace the water. And do you get to work! You’re chucking rocks, big and small, and eventually the liquid in the cauldron rises to the brim and spills over!

This is essentially what each round is mining on MaxHash. You and your buddies are miners; the rocks are valid shares you submit; different sizes of the rocks represent the various difficulty of those shares; cauldron spilling over – the pool finding a block.

So, now that the block is found, how do you figure out the amount of work you and your buddies have contributed. The straightforward (and incorrect) way to go about it would be to count up all the rocks (shares) and take a ratio of individual contribution to the total. (Say the total number of shares was 100 and I contributed 10 of the shares, so my contribution should be 10%.) Unfortunately, this method wouldn’t account for the weight of the rocks (share difficulty). If I threw in 10 little pebbles and my buddy chucked 10 huge boulders, surely he did more work than me!

So, the final and correct calculation would have to account for the size (difficulty) of rocks (shares) contributed during the cauldron filling phase (round). And so, the way your ROUND SHARE is calculated is by through this formula: sum ([your shares] x [share difficulty]) / sum ([everyone’s shares] x [share difficulty]). Where “share difficulty” is the difficulty of each individual share that was valid/accepted.

Can I use my Round Share percentage to calculate my estimated earnings for the current block?

Yes! You simply have to take your round share percentage divide by 100 and then multiply this figure by the block reward of the mine that you are mining.

Here is an example for Ethereum:

Round share percentage – 1.5% / 100 = 0.015 x 3 (Eth block reward)  = 0.045ETH

This is same calculation that is used by to pool to credit your account when a new block is found.