What is the Jackpot eligibility check? and why does it seem to be wrong or broken?

What is the Jackpot eligibility check? and why does it seem to be wrong or broken?

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The Jackpot eligibility page allows miners to check if their wallet was entered into the daily Jackpot ticket selection. This page is generated for your unique wallet address after the daily ticket selection process at 00:00CET/23:00 UTC/18:00EST and was designed to let you know if your miner was eligible for and included in the previous 24 hour period. If you were eligible you can also see the number of entrance tickets you had in the selection. More information on these tickets can be found in JACKPOT INFORMATION.

Jackpot eligibility example

When I click the link it just redirects me to the pool home page with broken images:

This problem is related to a cached version of the site that you may have on your device. To fix this please clear any bookmarks that you have of the pool website on your device and then find your wallet address from the list of miners manually and try clicking it again. You can then go ahead and create a new bookmark. This has fixed the issue in 99% of cases.

The page states that I’m not eligible but I think I should be:

Here is some possible reasons that you were not eligible for the Jackpot selection

  • The page is generated to show your eligibility for the previous 24 hour period and NOT the current one. If you just started mining then the page will not update until after the next selection which takes place daily at 00:00CET / 23:00 UTC / 18:00 EST. We do not display eligibility as a live statistic in the current period to avoid any potential abuse/cheating of the Jackpot system.
  • You did not reach the minimum 24 hour average hash rate requirement of 20mh/s.
  • You were mining on the NiceHash rental port. Cloud hashing services are not eligible for the Jackpot.
  • Your were not actively mining on the pool at the time of the selection when the system makes a final count of all eligible wallet addresses.

If you believe that you have met all of these requirements and the check is still showing that you are eligible then please contact a staff member through our community DISCORD or send us an email to “support@maxhash.org” make sure to include your wallet address so we are able to assist you faster.