MaxHash Pools – New Ethereum Pool Launch & Updates 03/09/2018

MaxHash Pools – New Ethereum Pool Launch & Updates 03/09/2018

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Happy Monday miners! It’s been a while since we have updated you on the progress and development of MaxHash mining pools but that doesn’t mean our team has been sitting around enjoying the summer. They have been busy working away on new features, bug fixes and brand new pools in the background (big props to @Tech for his hard work and dedication). I’m sure some of you have already noticed a few things being tested around the websites but today we are pleased to announce the official launch of a brand new pool and give you all an update on all the “quality of life” improvements that have been slowly added to our mining pool system.

  • The new SOLO mining Ethereum pool is now live and fully operational. The overwhelming feedback we’ve had from large farm operators, as well as members that wanted to purchase and run Nicehash orders, is that they wanted a Vanilla mining experience that focused on pure optimized mining without the bounties, jackpots, and prizes. With the launch of this new solo mining system, we are now able to offer the exact same optimizations, industry-leading uncle rates, and highly developed mining engine as our regular Ethereum pool but in a stripped down race-tuned format. No Jackpots or any other bonus systems running just simple mining with the block finder taking the entire block/uncle reward plus any attached network TX fee rewards. This means no sharing with other miners and if you don’t find a block then you don’t earn anything. Pool fee is currently set at a static 1%. Of course, this type of mining is not for everyone and it’s recommended that you have a farm of multiple GH/s that is capable of finding blocks on a regular basis unless you are a smaller miner who is feeling very lucky! One member has already got very lucky and managed to find a block in less than 24 hours with just 3gh/s and earnt themselves a massive 3.03Eth! You can check it out @
  • Graph Porn! It’s been a long time coming but all MaxHash Mining Pools now have graphs to make keeping track of your rigs stability, historic hashrate and your payouts much simpler. You can use the graphs to monitor the overall pool hashrate, your personal hashrate for each account and also a detailed breakdown of your daily payouts so you can monitor exactly how much you’re earning without the excel spreadsheets. We have also fixed the auto-updating of the graphs so that they will stay live without needing to refresh the web page.
  • We have fixed an issue with the capitalization of wallet address letters that would sometimes cause the jackpot and earnings page links in your miner control panel to not function correctly. This is a permanent fix with the pool code and there is no longer need for miners to have to re-bookmark pages or other similar workarounds.
  • There is no longer any limit on the length of your worker names so feel free to go crazy and rename your rigs to whatever you might like. Obviously, usual character limitations still apply, please don’t use hieroglyphics or emoticons. Previously if you had tried to connect to the pool using a worker name of more than 8 characters the pool would refuse your connection so we hope this will make the initial sign-up and configuration process a lot easier and hopefully cut down on the number of questions our mod team has to deal with.

There has also been a lot of other small fixes and optimizations made in the background which we won’t bore you with.

As a side note for miners on our regular Ethereum pool, we have made further adjustments and modifications to the connectivity of our mining nodes tailored specifically to improve connectivity of “go-ethereum” and it seems to have paid off! We are now running at a world-leading uncle efficiency rate of 9% resulting in higher average earnings over the larger and less optimized pools. Not pointing any fingers!

That’s all for now. If you’re a larger farm operator or would like to rent a NiceHash order without restriction then we encourage you to give our new solo mining pool a try.

The MaxHash Team wishes you good luck and happy mining!