MaxHash Pools Updates & Upgrades 28.05.2018

MaxHash Pools Updates & Upgrades 28.05.2018

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Greetings Miners! The MaxHash team has been working hard behind the scenes and we’ve got an update packed announcement for you. Here is a list of the changes that have now been pushed live:

  1. As hinted in our last announcement we’ve now brought online our 3rd unique reward system for MaxHash miners on the Ethereum pool. Introducing the Uncle finders reward! Of course nobody likes uncles (pool operators included) but this new bonus adds a unique twist to our least favorite family member, by rewarding the miner who found the uncle. Now for every full block found by the pool 10% of the Tx rewards are stored in the special “uncle account” and the next miner on the pool who finds an uncle block will win the total cumulative balance on this uncle account! This means that if the pool goes on a long streak of full blocks this uncle bonus could be quite a significant reward by the time an uncle is found. Exciting stuff! You can view the status of the uncle finders reward on the “Block Finders” page located here:
  2. This means we have now re-adjusted the distribution of Tx reward’s on the Ethereum pool as we continue to grow. The distribution now stands at 40% – Jackpot, 30% – Block Finder, 10% – Uncle Finder Pot and 20% held by the pool to cover Tx costs of miners payouts.
  3. We have now removed the 1GHs/50 entrance ticket cap across all MaxHash pools with the Jackpot reward system (Ethereum, Ubiq and Expanse) This change now brings ALL miners to the same CPH (chance per hash) of being selected as a daily finalist. There is now NO cap, so you are only limited by your hashrate now so best get building more rigs! (you will see this change come into effect after Monday’s ticket selection)
  4. The Jackpot terms & conditions have been updated across all pools to clarify the result in-case of last matured block being an uncle/orphan. The full T&C’s can be found here:
  5. We identified and killed a bug in the Jackpot winner selection that temporally displayed a roll-over Jackpot yesterday. The uncle that was found just before winner selection in-fact had not matured before the selection time so the rightful winner was Sunday’s ticket number 7! This was corrected and the winner’s prize was transferred. It should not happen again.
  6. Finishing with some great news for miners using our Asia server node on Ethereum and Ubiq. Today we will be migrating to an even more powerful server box, in a more stable datacentre in Singapore that boasts MUCH better routing and therefore significantly LOWER latency (ping) than our current offering. The current provider could just not meet our very high performance standards so we took the step to move immediately to a new datacentre. Miners currently using the Asia server may experience a small downtime of about 5 minutes as we migrate to the new server tomorrow, so please make sure you have your fail-over servers set to the US/EU server.

That’s all for now. We hope that you enjoy these changes and if you do have any suggestions, comments or questions on what you’ve read then please do make a post in the #community-suggestions channel on our community Discord server.

-Team MaxHash