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MaxHash Pools Updates & Upgrades 28.05.2018

Greetings Miners! The MaxHash team has been working hard behind the scenes and we’ve got an update packed announcement for you. Here is a list of the changes that have now been pushed live: As hinted in our last announcement we’ve now brought online our 3rd unique reward system for MaxHash miners on the Ethereum…
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Weekly MaxHash Pools Jackpot Results for 13.05.2018 – 20.05.2018

Here are the weekly results for the Jackpot bonus system across all our pools. Congratulations to all our winners!    Ethereum Pool Jackpot Amount: 2.84656 ETH ($2,050) Winner’s mining address: 0x3e3a2793663eb69abcd78024b1dff92afc2ab0b3 Last Matured Block before 23:00 UTC: 5,648,055 Winning Ticket Number: 5 Winners Discord ID Goonch#0123 Ubiq Pool Jackpot Amount: 17.46094 UBQ ($34.37) Winner’s mining…
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Welcome to the new MaxHash Miner HQ!

We are pleased to unveil the new MaxHash Miner HQ website! Its the new home of all MaxHash mining pools and our fresh knowledge base where (eventually) you will be able to find all kinds of easy to follow guides and tutorials on everything from setting up your rigs, configuring miner programs, troubleshooting problems to…
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